Sunday, February 27, 2005

Learning To Know Your Limits, It Is The Greatest Love Of All

Don't get me wrong, I like myself. Please don't take this as my need for your affirmation. I love your affirmation, but I don't expect it and God forbid I fish for it. I just see too many people walk into ugly ugly stuff because they don't know their limits. So I give you...

How Low Self Esteem has Saved My Life and What it Can Do For You

  • Low Self Esteem has saved me from embarrassing dating situations. I somehow never bought into the myth that films like Sixteen Candles brought to my generation. Jake Ryan doesn't really date Samantha Baker. That's why they made a movie about that story. We all work within our market. This sort of low self esteem also keeps me from ever ever ever appearing as sad as some girl on Elimidate (a show whose main attraction seems to be overtan girls dressing each other down on a group date).

  • Low Self Esteem has saved me from foolish dressing. Now I can sincerely thank you, Mom. I don't expose my belly like some of the unfortunate children I see at school. I banish the clothing to the back of the closet when it's a wee bit tight. I look at chunky girls in belly shirts and short skirts and breathe a silent prayer for a mother who would comment, "That's not exactly for the body you have.".

  • Low Self Esteem saves us from asking the stupid questions. Never will I ask why you have taken my link off your blogroll. Seldom will I invite myself along to your dinner gathering. You are saved the discomfort of coming up with and excuse and both of us are happy.

Isn't it amazing how deep love for others is the same emotion that makes me see these horrid events and scream, "Wait, honey, you aren't that cute!! He doesn't like you!!!" while throwing my body between a teenage girl and a mesh top?

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Anonymous said...

I have a mesh top.

I'm still dateless.