Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Dad and I Were Both Off Work...

Can it mean anything but a wacky entry???

I'll just do this in snippet format...
  • (while watching The Emperor's Club) "I think instead of having a Mr. Julius Caesar contest, they should have a Mr. Ethel Merman contest with compulsory loud showtune singing. You'd have to require There's No Business Like Show Business but after that, those prep school boys could really get creative."
  • "I always worry about the days that the Preach Unto Them Jesus Academy is closed. Will anyone be doing it on those days?"
  • I told him about my student in Indonesia. "Well, good thing he's on the swim team."

More as I remember them, both of us thank you for the warm responses to each father/daughter entry.

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Karina. said...

... And here I thought that "Preach Unto Them Jesus Academy" was one of those made-up nickname things. Glad you posted the link or I would never have believed it. Guess I haven't been in Oklahoma quite long enough. Or, rather, guess I haven't been here too long yet.