Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Teacher On The Bus Says, "Holy Crap".

Why blog I at 6:30 am on a Saturday? Because yesterday was so hard I went to bed at 8:30 in the pm.

It is a powerful, powerful, woman who can make sure 23 children are dressed up, have their cases. taken care of reasonable personal needs and on a school bus to Norman all whilst wearing a suit herself.

Thus my exhaustion. (I want my $5 for that!)

Yesterday was blogworthy on several fronts, but I will begin with the silly. I call upon those teachers and youth workers, both former and present to help me codify a code of etiquette.

I present

Ms. Educat's Rules Of The Bus Song--First Draft
  1. All bus songs must be school appropriate. Would you sing them to your mother or better yet since there is a chance that your mother might be crazy, would you sing them to my mother?
  2. There shall be only one bus song at a time If the purpose of singing is to be heard, please aim for that goal by singing only when others are not.
  3. If you are the child whose public speaking sounds like Eeyore, you may not be the child who sings "The Flinstones" with life or death passion Seriously, you are pissing Ms. Educat off.
  4. Do not mock the bus song. One teenage bus song is truly as silly as another, Do not mock the ladies singing Brittany Spears when all you want is quiet so you and your friends can sing Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Friends, I am open for amendments and additions.


KristentheRN said...

Wow. What a day. That does not sound like fun. You did use thus correctly...thus...I should pay you $5 (even though you are not my fake kid). How about sharing a bottle of wine soon instead?

educat said...

No no! Actually, it was really enjoyable. I am somehow able to laugh at bus song fun. Please allow me to correct my tone!

I think it's my turn for wine, you can keep your $5, friend.