Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Oooh, yeah! Forgot!!!

Go to Keaton and read the obit from the Oklahoman! It's his 12/8 entry.

In the absence of sons and heirs (or even nieces and nephews), I plan now to sell ad space on my own obit. I will set the price list soon and you'll get in on the ground floor of a sweet deal. Who knows what ad space will be worth by the time I go??

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Tack City said...

That is funny, baffling stuff.

Maybe I can make my obituary say:

Tack City is survived by his sister Kara (an inveterate liar) and brother Michael (agenerally no 'count scoun'l beast). Preceding him in death is every great writer or musician he ever loved.
Please visit to view Tack's recommended list.