Monday, December 06, 2004

I Do Refer to Eminem as Mr. Mathers

I have learned an important lesson in my eleven years of teaching, internet. I have learned that if you want to have a really good rap star name, it has to sound ridiculous when said by your 30 something white teacher.

I submit for your approval Chingy.

Chingy the rapper!
Talk of you takes my class time.
What web do you spin?

I have three times in the last week had to remind my classes (different classes, mind you) that they would have to do their persuasive speeches whether or not they had solved the riddle of whether or not Chingy was that cute.

Go here and see for yourself, I think he's not.

Karina weighed in on the issue today via email (I had referred to the dilemma via voice mail):
Just got your voicemail and tried to catch you before class, but you must have returned to the land of discussing if Chingy is cute by that time. (An aside - at first, I truly thought you said "Cheney." Upon hearing the rest of the phrase, though, I quickly ran it back through my mind and decided that would not be a conversation it would be humanly possible to have.)
I don't think Cheney is cute either. And I think I would have been the teacher who called Beaver Cleaver "Theodore".

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