Friday, December 24, 2004

Father Daughter Pre Holiday Fun, II

This morning, I was given the charge by my mother to "keep your father out of the house for a while", so I took him out to finish my errands, and get coffee.

As he picked me up, he noticed the pole left by neighbors who moved out months ago. They took the satellite dish and left the pole in my "yard".
"That is some Festivus pole you have, sister."
"Yeah, just you wait til the airing of grievances. I will give those ex neighbors what for."
"You gonna decorate your Festivus pole?"
I think you can guess what followed...


Kristen Courter said...

It's a Festivus Miracle!!! Now it's time for FEETS OF STRENGTH!

educat said...

and just so you know, Aaron, it's always Festivus at my apartment. The pole remains. It's lawn decor for the rest of us!