Sunday, November 07, 2004

Of Mother and Pie

I have a difficult relationship with my mother. Mom is that woman at your church. She sings in the choir, decorates for holidays, and has been known to invite the saleswoman at Dillard's to services (yeah, I am serious). Our relationship wavers between heated argument, agreeing to disagree, and just talking about shopping and the people I still know at her church. We both know that the love is there, but there is a distance.

Today, I remembered why I love her.

Thanksgiving plans are in the works. The big day will be spent with good family friends and the day after will be pie with Miss Eulla.

My sister found out about Miss Eulla last year when she had a sofa bed she needed to get rid of. Someone at her church knew there was a need so we went over to drop the sofa. She has three kids and a back injury that makes it difficult to work (the only jobs she qualifies for require lifting). Mom didn't make the trip but when we told her about Miss Eulla, she called to visit. Since then, Mom has made a real frienship with this woman. Mom calls once every couple of weeks and updates Miss Eualla on all of us. She prays for all of us and us for her. We have helped out at times and have referred her to people who can offer more help. This year, we are invited for post Thanksgiving pie and Mom has spoken, pie shall happen.

I love that Mom wants to know this woman. It's one thing to teach your family charity by volunteering, but another entirely to develop relationship.

It also makes me curse her less as I try to make the scarf she wants.

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