Thursday, November 11, 2004

Days Choc-Full Of Crazy

In the last 24 hours, I have...
  • Heard from 4 former students
  • Looked for a possible home for a foster kid being put out of her present situation
  • Heard one of my girls speak in front of the whole school about how she opposed the war but loves and supports her father who serves there
  • Stopped one of my girls from reading Locke in said assembly with a look of "Gawd, I love you and you are so cool, but you have to put the book away."
  • Wished a girl well as she left school to have labor induced
  • Wished I could go to my student's funeral
  • Talked with another of my girls about her baby (to be born this weekend)
  • Admired a colleague's recent aquisition of "Pimpjuice"

So marvel not, friends, that the use and consumption of yarn has become so central to my life. Yarnity yarn yarn yarn. I love you, mindless motion of crochet. My mind is full of my weekend beginning knitter class. It's in a real yarn store! Lots of yarn!! Fancy fancy yarn!

I shall be knitting my own straightjacket.

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