Monday, October 18, 2004

The pic is of my first wearable piece of yarn. I made this flower pin and wore it today. Note the splash of coffee. The coffee makes it real like the Velveteen Rabbit.

The best thing about this palm project at school is that our kids sync their palms to the internet. When they sync, the contents of their palm go onto a site I can access. I pull down their work and can also leave work for them on the server for them to get when they sync. So so very cool!

Today I was on the server pulling down work and thought about what someone would think if they saw the contents of my palm.

I give you Stuff On My Palm and How This Must Make Me Look

Avant Go contains-
· New York Times
· The Onion
· Weather
· Alternet
· Crochet Baby Cap pattern
· Washington Post

· An old family favorite of my PaPa dressed like a woman one Halloween (he was quite handsome---picture a young Bea Arthur)
· Black and white shot of my sister and I at my college graduation
· Anne Taintor stuff used as background stuff for the main screen
· Homecoming float pics
· The coolest shot ever of my great grandparents
· Table sculpture made by Brady and Karina. Forks and napkins in delicate balance

Palm Reader---
· DeToqueville’s Democracy in America
· Federalist and Anti Federalist Papers
· Kodak Photo Techniques
· Understanding Stress
· Little Women
· Emma

Various Games and Programs-
· Stopwatch
· Yatzee
· 3 Versions of Solitaire

You figure out what it means, I just think it’s funny juxtaposition.
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