Saturday, October 16, 2004

Of Yarn and Promise

What would my blog entries be if I wrote them as they occured to me?

Easier to write.

I have already spoken of my foray into crochet (I really did not mean to sound like a bad French poet here) and I have started a charming scarf for my sister's 30th birthday but this project took a sideline last night for a good cause.

One of my students is due in a couple of weeks. She is by no means my first pregnant student but for some reason she has affected me. She is the classic sad story, 15 or 16 years old, marginal student, overwhelmed with the changes in her body. She has been a hard worker and seemingly aware of how very upside down her life is about to become. I am sympathetic to her need for extra restroom passes and interested in the progress of her growing son. It's been a good relationship.

As her due date has approached, her motivation for school has dropped off. She took a zero on her last speech and missed two days this week. When she came back yesterday, she told me she has started to dialate and spent some time in the hospital. She left class to vomit yesterday. I somehow really hurt for her.

So I put down the coolest of cool scarves to try to do something for the girl. I know she has more problems than I could ever crochet away (especially with my limited ability), but I managed to pull together a really cute set of booties. I have never given a gift to a pregnant girl of mine, but somehow this just seems right.

So then, I became emboldened with the prospect of making and finishing things that people can actually wear! I look in the craft store today and see skirts! Purses! Other stuff I of which I can only dream! I shall once again dust off the sewing machine and become hip hip hip!

I spend the better part of the day dreaming of a bohemian wardrobe and pull out the booties tonight to show my sister.

One is about 1/2 inch larger than the other.

Hold your clothing order, friends.


Anonymous said...

You're a cool lady, Jennifer O! Keep up the creativity- the next time we see you, I hope you'll be in crochet head-to-toe!

educat said...

Oh, Kristin M (assuming, anonymous, that you are Kristin M), I really do hope that I can hang out with you (and by you I mean any combination of you, you and Micah, or Parish folk at large) before I can perfect my sad little stitching skills.

I did think it was odd I was mentally organizing my thoughts on this entry just as I was reading about your desire to do something new. If it keeps you off cliffs and out of prison, let's try a class of some sort. I am working to make crochet the new nerd chic in my corner of the world!

Thanks, man.

Anonymous said...

It was me!!!! I didn't mean to post anonymously- I just forgot to sign my name until it was too late! How perseptive of you to know it was me...or maybe I'm just that predictable. Yes! Let's have a class. I would love to learn.