Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It's Bigger Than The Book...Unless The Book Is Really Really Small

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I am serving on a committee to find a book for my whole school to read together. I love this idea. I love that we will form community by living in the same idea for an entire school year. I have so much faith in this idea and my mind is spiraling with possibility.

Until we all meet.

Take a look at some of the books we have considered...

Someone made the observation in our meeting the other day that by these standards, we couldn't read the Bible. I offered to get the Book of Mormon (I am just sure we could get them donated). What do you do here? I don't don't don't want to be the book nazi. I know I asked this before and then gave you a botched link to an amazon list, so now I ask you outright, internet. What ideas do you have for a book?


greg said...

Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov, mainly because I like the song by the Police.

educat said...

Dear Lord, Greg, we had totally missed this one! How have we ever overlooked the rich cannon of literature exploring student/teacher sex??

Thank you, Greg, you are truly a Cincinnatus of your community. We at Putnam City Schools salute you--and laugh our asses off!

educat said...

An email suggestion from Kristen made me think about the reading aloud component to this project.

Picture that one teacher (you know who she is and she won't ever retire) reading Nabakov aloud.

Is commenting twice in a row on my own blog like talking to myself? Perhaps.

Tack City said...

You could try, and please bear with the title, "The Cheese Monkeys" by Chip Kidd. It looks awesome, features boozing, maybe some date-rape, maybe some teacher-student hanky-panky (two hyphenated pharases in a row!!!!!), and lots of artists hating art (which is what won me over).
Chris Ware did the artwork for the jacket, if that sells it for the school.