Thursday, October 14, 2004


Kids, this blog ring is hot hot hot these days! Maybe it's the election season or perhaps pithy-ness is in the air, but if you have not gotten your fat lazy mouse over to the right side of this page and checked out my blogfriends, you are a-missing the boat! It is a blog renaissance (hence the title)!

Today I kept from blowing my curly lil stack at work by sending a cleansing email this afternoon. I used my favorite theme, the one where I nail 95 things that are pissing me off to a door near me.

Attach the actual email of things that piss me off about a co worker to the list of things that about which I ought not to blog (which really saps my blog energy and perhaps dilutes my content, but that is for another entry).

The form, however is more than viable. All Saint's Day is coming, friends. It's time to cook up your lists! I would encourage you to do one of two things in honor of the day that the damn low church protestants ignore (seriously, can your fake Halloween fall festivals and ride this wave).

1. Post your list ideas (or even your whole list) here in my comments. Add your pith and wit here! Too many of you told me you read but never comment--time to break the silence!


2. Develop your own list of 95 or under and post them to your blog. I will personally pimp every such list I catch wind of. It's free linkage for you and a long long blogaissance for your friends on the interweb machine.

You have time to think about it, go team.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

95 websites that my school district thinks will corrupt my brain.
95 different ways my pen can disappear
95 different candys handed out at a faculty meeting.
95 ways to be quiet when your husband is sleeping on a Saturday afternoon (cleaning the house is not one)
Okay I really don't want to clean the house but sometime I should and time options are very limited.