Monday, September 20, 2004

You Down with OPC!?!

(I refer in this title to Other People's Children)

I was inspired today by a funny talk with Jill.

Jill is at the end of a pregnancy and feels a bit large and draggy. I guess that's an understatement, she used the term "Jabba the Hutt". Young Chaz is a month away from arrival and she is ready for him to show up.

In contrast, Yvonna, a friend we both knew in high school, is beginning a pregnancy. She is in the nasty sick phase and is dropping weight from her already teeny weeny frame. What must this be!? Jill and I marvel! Could she get smaller?? She is now a fold in the time space continuum! She is disappearing! She is now only an idea rather than something that occupies mass!!!

Both these dear friends of mine will get better. About the time we welcome little Chachi, Yvonna's teeney one will start to grow and she will be able to eat after 5pm. Yvonna and her husband are hoping for a boy they are already calling Ty and I can't wait to meet them. I can't wait to see Ty and Chachi III.

I already love their siblings.

How cool is it to watch the child of someone you love grow into a wee version of your beloved? I love that Hannah (Jill's oldest) already uses funny voices like her mother and that both she and her brother Lare say "Hold the phone, please" just like their father. Lare has inherited the view of the world that I so cherish in Jill ("Son," she says, "thou art thy mother's glass".) I cannot wait to see what Faith and Abby will do that will remind me of my bosom friend.

Yvonna's kids are both their parents also. Brookus already looks at the world with her optimistic heart the way her mother does. She makes me proud as she negotiates the world of her divorced parents in a way no ten year old should have to. Blake is his father. This is both blessing and curse for him, but when he gives his crooked smile and says something witty it reminds me of the man I knew in high school before the darkness took over. I remember why I was his friend and a bit of why he and Yvonna married. Baby Tyrannosaurus will be Yvonna and her new husband Randy. That's a mighty fine gene pool.

Plans are also in the works for me to spend some time with the newly two years old Carter. Carter is my favorite candidate for games of "I'm gonna get you" (sadly, none of my friends in their 30's will play this game). He squeals and dances and claps his hands and falls for my way of "getting him" every single time. I can't wait until his baby brother Cole can join the game!

I know it would be more fun if I had my own, but it's hard to imagine. I love playing fake maiden aunt Miss Educat. Yesterday I talked with Miguel about how the problem with intellectuals is that they don't reproduce at a rate to replenish themselves. Sad. I would play maiden fake aunt Miss Educat to any they can make.

Ok, and also, read Fafblog's 20, Sept. entry. You shall chortle.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer, Kristen and I love playing "I'm Gonna Get You" If you ever come over and visit us we'll play with you. We play with all the guests who visit our home. It's kind of a McCarty tradition. Then again we are only in our late twenties...