Sunday, September 05, 2004

Laborious Labor Day

So my family is in Dallas for the long weekend. It's a festival of Outlet Malls and Chain Restaraunts!

I have stayed behind to let my dad rest today while mom and sister went to church . Taking care of my handicapped middle aged father makes me a. know how mothers of toddlers feel and b. rejoice that I am single. I was left with the responsibility of ironing his clothes and getting him breakfast ("Yes, dad, you will wear this shirt because it looks nice and I ironed it" "Yes, I know I only got you one butter for your waffle but I had to fight a woman in a family reunion shirt for it, so eat!!!")

Once I got him settled, I sat down and read the Sunday Dallas Morning News with him and he became Dave, my favorite father of yore. We laughed heartily at an article about this and you will too!

Perhaps we should get t-shirts for this family reunion.

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greg said...


I'd read about the Hell House play a couple weeks ago. They invited the guy who markets the kits and is credited with inventing the idea to come see the play. Last I heard, he was going to go. He said publicity is publicity. A wise man...