Monday, September 27, 2004

The Girl is Crafty Like Ice is Cold

I just returned home with a Hobby Lobby bag full of hope! I have decided to attempt crochet again this time with that big ol chenille yarn and dreams of a scarf. I am hoping that I will not only become the captain of chenille (who cares if you think that's dumb? I am laughing at myself right now!) but am dreaming of a scarfy Christmas with handmade gifts of love.

Go read McCarty's right now. Kristen not only invokes my feelings on bloggery and blog love but cites Amish in the City. Go ahead, I will wait.

Good. Glad you came back.

Sing a song of Saturday with me for Youth and Government shall be swell this year! I have two co-advisors for News Media this year and we have a wealth of techno-stuff! We have been awarded a fat grant of a 5k techno package plus borrowing rights with a couple of educational institutions! The kids are eager and seem sharper than usual so I look forward to fine reporting on all the fake news at Youth and Government conferences.

Today (just so all the kid stories I tell are not of them being less than shining), two of my kids asked me if I worked at the Gap. They knew I worked retail (past tense!!!!!) and read in Vox about a Gapista with my first and last name. I checked the website and though I didn't see Educat of the Gap I was impressed with their reading material. Also, one of my kids has decided to join me as I read Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America. I just mentioned how I wanted to read it firsthand after my nerd camp week in Boston and she is in! How I love the children who choose to drink my kool aid!

I am off to battle the yarn. Wish me well.

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