Friday, September 24, 2004

182 Days of Mojo

I am so beyond tired. Monday night I helped with homecoming float, Tuesday was open house, Wednesday was Dad night (not as restful as it sounds) and Thursday was our homecoming. I haven't been home before 8-ish any night this week and we had grades due and craptastic staff development.

I tell you this because I am really really hoping for some catch up time. I have yet to turn in my required professional goals. I am pondering them and plan to finally cough them up on Monday. They will include my normal stuff. I will focus on an area for personal staff development (either writing process or something with technology), I will piggyback on some existing goal for my building and department. I will then say something about improving some work habit. I know this sounds like crap, but I really do end up working on the things I list. This year has happened so quickly that I just haven't taken the time to reflect yet.

So my point (because you were wondering, I know) is that I usually also take this time to make my principal chuckle and to lightly thumb my nose at all this mandated growth. I have used "Loose weight until head appears too large for body", you get the idea. This year I am including "Increase mojo by at least 30%". It's perfect education-ese. It's measurable and everything. So I guess I am asking you this, what do I list as process for said mojo increase? How can I show more mojo at school? Finally, goal worthy of my full effort!

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