Monday, August 02, 2004

It's De-movie that's De-pressing

First order of business here is to elaborate on a comment I made on the McCarty Blog. We began the briefest of conversations on the Cole Porter biopic "De-Lovely".

In a nutshell, it averages out to an ok. Maybe 2.5 Power Salutes.

No one wants to love this film more than I did. After all, we are mixing Kevin Kline and Cole Porter music with cameos by Elvis freaking Costello and Sheryl dang Crow! Can a movie scream my name louder!? I will share my thoughts on this film in the form of a pro/con list


  • This film is beautiful!! The design and costuming all give such a romantic film that I really did find myself with my hand to chest and grinning at points.
  • Seamless integration of musical numbers. They could really have screwed this up with all the cameos made by the musical artists, but I honestly loved the way they moved into the musical numbers.
  • Casting casting casting.

On the con side:

  • The whole film is tied together with this strange "Hey, Cole, let's put on the show of your life" thread that I find a wee bit cheesey. It gave me bad flashbacks to Shawnee Little Theatre's summer 1992 production of Tilghman. I can think of about 2 of my readership who will get this reference but it will be worth it for them. Let's just leave it to say it is a bit contrived.
  • I was not left with a song and dance feeling. My trusty movie going sidekick Jill felt that the movie glorified homosexuality but I don't think that is quite it. I think it glorified selfishness. Porter has a near perfect love in front of him but his selfishness keeps him from giving himself over to it. I know that this is the way the story happened, so what do you do? I just left sad for the Porters. I guess I am more romantic than I thought.
Prior to seeing the film, my Friday was truly wretched. I blogged it all in haiku (this is really taking over the way I form thoughts, perhaps I should be helped).

Laugh with me that Jill and I were easily the youngest folk in the theatre to see "De-Lovely" and that the pre movie music groove included Morris Day and The Time's "Jungle Love"! Man, we both started dancing in our seats and were surprised at all the lyrics we still knew...but not as surprised as the rest of the movie-goers.

If you are between 28 and 40 I defy you not to sing or dance when you hear "Jungle Love".


Anonymous said...

That is sooo funny about being the youngest people in the theater! Micah and I were as well. I had to wonder what all the elderly thought about the homosexual themes, etc. I agree with your insights about the film. OK- most heart-rending moment- when she leaves Cole in the room with the piano for the first time in his wheelchair and cries at the door! Tears were standing in my eyes...
Kristen McCarty

educat said...

The woman sitting next to me was audibly shocked at the first boy on boy kiss in the film, was sort of funny.

I was very moved by the scene where she leaves him but I think that was the scene the movie turned on for me. Again, she loves him so flawlessly. *sigh*

I also agreed with the comment on your blog about the "Blow Gabriel Blow" scene. I commented to Jill there, "Gee, when I die will you all gather around me with jazz hands?"

I hate to think people would.

Anonymous said...

(It's 'me', Jill...)
I think the 'Old' Cole and the Narrator as observers approach marred it for me, as well; it sorta cries, 'Let's be artsy!', know what I mean?

Can *not* hold a candle to 'The Village'. (Did you really think I'd gotten over my 'Can't stop talking about this movie' condition? You are not safe until you've seen it...)