Thursday, August 12, 2004

I Suppose Anything on a Blog is Irrelevant, But...

Seems silly to blog this now when I am all Constitution-centric, but it's funny.

When checking my stats, I see that the search "Spinster Shower" has led people here three times. Three Times!!! That should tell you that we are a segment of society to be reckoned with. Begin the Spinster Shower! Sell bread by the half loaf!! Acknowledge us!!!

And for God's sake, don't expect us to catch your boquet.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts last night. Really have enjoyed John Singer Sargent (he has a large mural at the Boston Public Library that has recently been restored. My thoughts on Impressionism now: stunning in person, sucks on a poster.

Am having some good good civics lovin', Karina. It did get better.


Karina. said...

I'm glad it got better! I figured that the lack of haiku blogging the past couple of days was a good sign - not that haiku blogging indicates stress and such, except for those times when it frequently does. Welcome back to the kitchen-implement-shaped state... KRH.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm grinning and thinking that you should write an art history book with one-liners as commentary on the various styles/schools: 'Impressionism: Stunning in on a poster.'

I think we may have found a new game...


educat said...

Jill, I am thinking a Sister Wendy type video project. I am walking through a museum in a habit (what is it, chastity, poverty and humility? At times, I have all three) with my witty bon mots about art. I could also mock tourists who clop around museums in flip flops.

Thanks for always looking for our "in" to fame. That is why you are my bosom friend.