Thursday, July 01, 2004

...And Walked Off To Look For America

My head has been dancing a high speed salsa this week.

The world just seems dark, and it isn't just the rain. I have long been worried about the national and international scene and if you know me in "real life" you probably know that. I haven't blogged much on my feelings because they are the same things you are reading elsewhere. What is really happening in Iraq? How much longer will it last? How many of my students will go? I did see F911 last weekend and although it was food for thought I want to go on record that it is infotainment. No one should look to Michael Moore as a primary giver of news. It's like getting all your news from The Daily Show (enjoyable, but unreliable).

I have watched a good friend suffer at the wrongdoings of a loved one (I know this makes no sense, but it's not my story and not for me to blog). All of this comes together to just make me think.

I commented some stuff to this effect on Tim's blog,but the best lesson I am learning here is that the calling of the Christian is less to make a moral stand as to somehow show Light in this nasty stuff. How on earth does this happen without looking like Pollyanna? If I figure that one out, I will write a book. The first task is to find the Light.

Sooooo...I am leaving. I leave tomorrow with our State officers for the YMCA Youth and Government Conference on National Affairs in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's a gorgeous place and by and large I love Y people. I need this trip. I need to be around honest well meaning optimistic folks (not that you aren't) and figure this out. If I come back with anything, you're on the list to know.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I really hear you. I am in such a similar place. It is raining and I am depressed and down. In my case, someone very close to me hurt someone else very close to me. And all around that situation is denial and justification.

I am looking for the light too.