Sunday, May 23, 2004

Twirling Camp!!!

Yesterday I allowed myself to pretend it was summer. I am so horribly lazy and slacker-esque that normally if I start to wear shorts and sunscreen while there are still days (nevermind weeks in my case) left in the school year then it will be impossible to rouse myself for school. Anyhow, I caved and joined one of my favorite families for 8 year old baseball, swimming and a cookout.

Among the legion of toys populating my friend's pool was a toy baton. Some of you might remember my stellar baton wielding performance as Patty Simcox in SLT's 1992 production of Grease so you know that I sort of know my way around a baton. I play with it a bit and start to teach Brooke (10 year old fake niece of the aforementioned 40-o'clock comment) some stuff with the baton. Her 8 year old brother Blake also seems interested so I showed him as well.

Then somewhere deep within Blake, a fire (like that which would light a fire baton) was ignited.

He spent the rest of the evening practicing "his moves" (his words) and by the time I left really wasn't bad. He has started making baton plans for himself, the first of which being getting a baton for use at his (police officer)dad's house and the second being getting some sort of twirling routine together for his end of school talent show this week.

I think I have myself another summer project...


kara said...

that's so great! did you know that i used to be a twirler? how funny is that? and yes did actually go to twirling camp! ;)

educat said...

As a postscript, I spoke with Blake's mother today. Evidently, her husband (the stepfather) said, "Look, the kid is kind of squirrely, but someone has to talk with him about that baton".

Another 8 year old dream, shattered.

Kara, can we sneak him lessons on the side?

Anonymous said...

we totally should!
ya know it's funny... the best instructor at my twirling camp was a guy... he was totally gay but still! if you have skills you have skills, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, but what *I* (Jill) want to be is a fly on the wall when Blake says to his police officer dad, "Isn't it cool? JENNIFER taught me to twirl a baton!". *Grin*

educat said...

Jill, you are voicing my exact thoughts. Blake tells his dad and then all of the sudden the OKCPD is pulling me over at every turn.

All this for setting free his inner artist...geez.