Thursday, May 20, 2004

I Will Party Til 40-O'clock!!!

Things to do this summer:

1. Blog more. Really. Concern has poured in from both of you and know that the summer shall be our time. We'll have joy, we'll have fun, we'll have seasons in the sun. Got blog requests? Comment. Starting June 8th, I am your blogging beast of burden.

2. Find the delicate reading balance between Beth's discarded Entertainment Weekly-s and textbooks. I shall read something fun but smart.

3. Rub both my cool free travel opportunities in your faces. Have I mentioned I am going to both North Carolina and Boston? Well darlin', I'm telling you now.

4. Learn to balance my news exposure between being totally uninformed and oversaturated and nautious.

5. Finally finally finally set up those side links. I shall link to your blog soon and will expect reciprocity.

6. Continue my small weight loss victory my head appears too large for my body and my family wonders if I am on heroin.

7. Orchestrate a birthday happening without appearing too self centered. Smile sweetly and modestly at guests and make them think they threw me the party.

8. Finally purchase cheesy fake ring and procure pic of strange male and finally justify children who still insist on calling me Mrs.

I overheard my fake niece whining to her mother tonight that surely by the time their grocery shopping was finished, it would be either "7:84" or "40-o'clock". Good one, Brookus!

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greg says,

For fun and smart reading, try Richard Russo's "Straight Man." He's middle-aged English prof at a small liberal arts college. Life is catching up. Academia is childish and insane. Not as good as "Empire Falls," but I thought you'd like the English prof angle.