Monday, May 31, 2004

Educat--Now With Mango!

When I started blogging, my intention was that this would be a blog about my adventures in teaching. Somehow, that isn't happening and I am afraid that as summer comes, this will be less and less about school ("because there won't be any", she thought gleefully!). So I plan to change the name of this blog at least for summer. Please comment with suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Do what all the "postmodern" ministries do. Take a name from the Bible, make it possessive, and insert a noun (i.e., Jacob's Well, Solomon's Porch, etc.). I always wanted someone to do Jael's stake, Jezebel's bed, or Dinah's revenge. --greg

educat said...

Oddly enough, the Jacob's Well community got its start at my parent's church (my home church). When I would see the sign, I would always think, "Jacob's Well...and I am not so bad myself!"