Thursday, April 08, 2004

Sorry, I have rehearsal

Fallujah. It still makes me laugh. In turning the word over in my head, I laughed even harder imagining two scenarios.

Use the word Fallujah in a worship chorus. It inspires clapping and rolls off the tongue so it can be repeated. In fact, it could even sound Biblical (and yeah, I know the geography). This leads me to...

Remember Ron Dryden and God's Word For You Today? God's Word for you today is Fallujah, Go For It!

My street cred went way up today in English. My problem kids there have a song for everything and while normally that would thrill me. I play that game too, quite well. However, I don't get their songs and they don't get mine...


Today they invoked the Beastie Boys! I was able to identify (please, it was license to Ill, 1987) and was able for a moment to silence them. Must have looked like Barbara Billingsley in Airplane. "Excuse me, I can speak jive".

The April 9th Entertainment Weekly is a large part of the rage at work. It features a 100 question quiz (and I still maintain that 100 questions is a test and not a quiz) on 1990's pop culture. Evidently I was to be the great white hope for a high score and I made (drumroll) a 56. According to the EW, that makes me eligible for the Dances With Wolves sequel in the role of "Dabbles in Popular Culture". Not too shabby considering I spent the better part of the 1990's in rehearsal (I counted on the drive home, 33 plays from 1990-99).

Questions I Was Proudest to Miss
#71 Why was Blossom's best friend named 6? (my guess was IQ, the real answer involved the number of beers it took to create her...Ugh!)
#77 Name the hotel where Noni headlines in Showgirls? (I said Bayside)

Questions I Was Ashamed To Know
#78 In Thelma and Louise, which state does Louise refuse to drive through? (Texas)

This goes on and on. I cannot help but wonder as I read the quiz if 90's nostalgia is a bit premature.

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