Monday, April 12, 2004

Come Together, Put Your Arms Around the Wind Beneath My Wings: Prom 04

Jill's comment today about my new Orrin Hatch album (see the 5, April entry) led me to remember my new musical acquisition "Put Your Arms Around The World" by Senator Orrin Hatch and Janice Kapp Perry with vocals by Chris Willis and Sanita Jackson (daughter of Jesse Jackson).

Wow, thanks for the music, Karyn.

For those of you looking for a review, I won't offer much. It's not even kitsch-y. This isn't even a great novelty album. The vocals are...fine. What I will focus on is the songwriting and only because it reminds me of something else.

Orrin Hatch writes (at least here) in meaningless platitudes.

"Put your arms around the world today
Your heart will lead the way
Be the one who walks that extra mile
Do the things that make a life worthwhile
Put your arms around the world."

Reminds me of our Junior Class President. As we near class elections, she has had a chance to reflect on her term in office. She makes me laugh almost out loud with her plans for the class of '05. I have heard her begin meetings with "We need to all come together and that is my goal for this meeting." Great, kid whose name I will not divulge. Come together. Can you draw that on paper?

This album is full of these statements. We are encouraged to "Just hold on in your time of need" and other vagueities (yep, I am calling that a word). So, Jill, what would an Orrin Hatch concert be like? I can just about promise no beer at the concession stand and a very quiet mosh pit. A shirt might be entertaining for kitsch value but I can't picture The Orrin Hatch (musical) Experience even measuring up to the excitement of the Gaithers.

Thanks for reading, you are the wind beneath my wings.

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