Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Viva Martin Luther!

Jill and I have an ongoing fantasy story telling chain involving the 95 Theses. It involves going to the door of those with whom we are peeved and nailing a document on the door expressing our peeved-ness. Past entries include "95 Reasons Why You Need to Finally Mow Your Lawn" and "95 Menu Items I Would Like To See At This Establishment". Perhaps I may explore this art form more deeply at a later time, but for now let's just use a list of Theses I would like to nail on various doors.

-Fellow Teachers in my Building, beware the "95 Reasons You Should Read The Emails I Send On Behalf Of The ACT.". I have a sent file and I know if you delete without reading. You are the ones folding the ballots I clearly directed you not to fold and Lo, my anger shall descend upon you.
-For my school district as a whole I offer "95 Websites You Have No Earthly Reason To Block". NPR??? Why can my students not listen to The NPR???

Now, I am aware that the world at present is subject to the ferociousness of my mood swings. My Lenten Coca Cola jones has been hitting me hard for the last couple of days and since I try to be a "glass half full" kind of gal, let's go with some happy Theses.

-"95 Reasons That It Moves Me When Ed The Coffee Guy Starts Pouring When He Sees My Car In The Parking Lot".
-"95 Times That A Stuco Kid Running Errands Has Come Into My Room In The Hot Dog Suit And Made Me Laugh". (A local church unloads a Hotdog suit and we all benefit. An entry on Church drama may follow soon...why did a Church ever own a hotdog suit?)
-"95 Reasons I Am Glad I No Longer Teach Drama", a favorite on the week of the big ol' musical.

Later entries promise to include accounts of our pithy word games. Please comment with your own fantasy Thesis. You don't have to list all 95 (in fact, that might be boring), but the titles alone of such lists never cease to amuse me.

What do Meg Ryan and I have in common? Find out here and post your results!

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