Sunday, February 29, 2004

Soooo we're purple now, eh?

I have decided to continue with my sad little Sunday School (sad not because they are small. but because I am afraid they are shallow) through Lent as they are participating in a multi class Lenten series with teachers from all over the church. I figure this is a good way to plot my next move (either convince them to think harder or find another place). Today we talked about the whole liturgical calendar. Wow. Liturgical calendar, where have you been all my life!? The point of the whole concept is one of teaching, and how little of that have I had in my adult life!?! I also love the concept that this rhythm to the year is one that connects me with thousands of years of church history and also with Christians all over the world.

When I expressed my hesitancy of joining the rest of my class to see The Passion of Christ this weekend, I had my first breakthough moment. We might all chicken out together. I just brushed the edges of my reasoning (which you, dear reader already know) and both gals agreed with me. Two ground rules were set: a. we eat before (yes, perhaps the gore would ruin a shared meal but I am more thinking of my state shortly after an ugly cry or sullen mood or whatever will happen). and 2. We can bail and see a comedy and all understand that we love Jesus anyway. Information on my decision will follow here.

Ran into one of my former students "all grown up" and found the true impact of my life. "Yeah, my friend's daughter was talking too much so I told her to shut her piehole."

Someone has done some inspiring.

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