Thursday, May 19, 2005

Perhaps A New Feature

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internets, I give you Hallway Theatre---

Willona: Ooh, JJ, get to class

JJ:I ain't got go class, Willona, gimmea

Willona:Gota class, JJ

JJ:Gimmea dolla, Willona

(repeat exchange 5 times for effect)

Enter Educat, Stopping about 5 feet away from

Willona: How bout chu gimmea dolla, then I give
you a dolla.

Educat: That's a great idea. You all could switch
dollars, then everyone goes to class.

JJ: But then I won't have a dolla!

Educat: Then maybe you can keep it.
And Willona can keep her dollar, we can all head on to class, and
another crisis is averted.

Children wander off, shaking heads. Probably contemplating the meaning of the phrase "Crisis Averted".

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