Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Just Remember Who Got Pissed About This First

First, some blog business.

I have an entry floating in cyberspace. I have taken to the habit of blogging those "Holy crap, did a kid just say that!?" moments via email from work. It all works out, taxpayers. Takes me all of 30 seconds. So I did that the Monday, sent it in, and never saw the entry again...

Until today!

So evidently, there's a two day delay in entries emailed to this blog. It's somehow time released.

No man knows when the next entry shall come!! Keep your lamps trimmed and burning! Two shall be working in the field and one shall leave to check the blog!!!

Now the news...

Are you tired of Armstrong Williams yet? I'm not, it all just keeps a-coming! Besides, who else in this blog loop has found this way to bitch about the government? I am your one stop source for this particular brand of ire.

Yesterday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan told the press that the payola deal with Williams was an isolated incident, just a bad apple.

Apparently, Mr. Williams begs to differ.

In The Nation, David Corn recounts a personal conversation with Williams in which he says that this sort of stuff happens all the time. Read now. Go. Leave my blog and read this now.

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