Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I'm On The Pavement Thinking About The Government

I will now entertain suggestions on how I can effectively teach an MLA citation while the military recruiters breathe down the necks of my students.

We are in the library researching when the recruiter asks if she can speak to one of my students about "something personal".

Seriously, let the kid graduate and talk to him on lunch. I know you don't have to do an MLA citation in order to fight terrah but I got some stuff to do here!!!

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Tack City said...

I work at a trade school. Since students here receive financial aid from the gov'munt, we had to let recruiters come here. They were hours late and I gloated. I gave the recruiters a hard time about being late and how we try to encourage all of our students to respect the time of their peers and instructors and that I'd expect the same behavior out of anybody trying to come in and "recruit" these same students.
It was glorious to totally shut down some meaty-necked military guy.
Glorious, I say.