Monday, July 12, 2004

Last Week and Breaking News

Ok, first the breaking news for this week.

I am fresh off the phone with Jill, who holds the key to future wealth with this idea: T Shirts emblazoned specifically for family functions. Some ideas...

-"Because it's God's will and none of your damn business!"
(This for use by singles over 30 or in the case of my family, 19)

-"Yes, same father, and yes, we planned them"
(Parents of more than 2.5 children)

And a few for everyone, whatever the status of your reproductive journey...

-"Perhaps that is something you should think to yourself and not actually say out loud"

And lastly, this one goes out to all my brethren and sistern in the bonds of passive aggresive families...

-"Please, just ask!"

Ok, and now for last week. Wonderful wonderful amazing time. I don't so much consider winning a measure of sucess...but we did a bit of that! Our delegation took 7 proposals for debate and of those 7, 5 went to Second Committee, 3 advanced to Third Committee and 1 was ranked among the top 6 of the 500-some at the conference.

The best parts of the week came in conversation. The conference does a nice job of allowing time to reflect on the events of every day and really emphasizes the practice of sharing ideas without condemning works! I heard conversation after conversation of kids just sharing ideas, even opposing one another, but always working to understand. I am fully aware of how cheesy this sounds, but I swear to you it happened.

Best and most thought provoking talk at the end of the week came when the longest leg of the trip home was almost done. We were pulling back into Dallas for our bus family to break into thirds. The Oklahoma delegation would venture back into our Y van, the DFW kids would go home, and the bus would take the Houston kids back. With about 20 min left in the trip, one delegate said how little this trip made him want to leave for youth camp on Monday. It would be hard for him, he said, to listen to so much emotion without logic behind when he had spent the week thinking and combining his faith with his thoughts on National issues. No solution was reached, but the kids agreed together that every youth group needs someone to bring a rational perspective.

Man, don't know how well I got it across, but I needed that.

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