Thursday, January 20, 2005

Suspension Of The Rules

It seems strange to have long discussions about an art form that has almost no rules, but I often find myself discussing blogging with friends. Some friends are just readers and so our discussion involves "what I will blog next". My blogging blogfriends and I tend to talk about blog rules. Can I say that? How should I say that? Does an entry have to be a story? What if I went to an event and blogged one aspect thereof? Can I revisit the event weeks later to visit another aspect? I want to compliment you for blogging more but would that imply that your blogging habits are subpar? If I said you had a beautiful blog, would you hold it against me?

I am slowly realizing there are no rules, so here is a list.

I told you about the funeral for my Nana's son over the holidays, but I didn't tell you how very hilarious my home church was that day. For instance...
  • In the funeral sermon, my childhood pastor gave the same schpeil, "Jim would want you to know that he is in heaven today, and you can be too". As he talked on about heaven, he said in a rhythm-less cadence that hid the true origin of his text,
    "Heaven is a wonderful place, full of glory and grace, I want to see my Savior's face 'cause heaven is a wonderful place"
    Do you get it?? Are you with me??? He quoted The Music Machine!!! The. Music. Machine. Don't be surprised if Nathaniel the Grublet preaches their spring revival, friends.
  • Nana's grandson in law is a local TV Newscaster. He, of course, attended the funeral but a couple of his local celebrity co-workers also came. I was humiliated to see how many people approached these guys all fan-like. At a funeral!!! Holy mother of crap!!! Let the man bury his father in law!!!
  • New semester began today. I have all new classes now, two Communications and one Humanities. As Humanities began today, I recognized one of my new students as a good natured special ed kid who I see at several school events. Seconds before we start class I can hear this loud, labored wheezing from his part of the room. I look over at him, trying to sound cheerful and say "Hey, you ok there?" "Yeah," he gasps, " I'm hyperventilating because of all these new people.". Wow. He proves to be good-natured and sweet if not a bit over eager. As I explained that this quarter, we would study man's creation from early civilization to the renaissance, he cheered, "Yeah!!! All right!!! The renaissance! Michelangelo!!!!". When he and another student volunteer to read aloud at the same time and I glibly suggest they leg wrestle for it, the kid gets up like he will leg wrestle.
  • Karina is proving to be the master of the art of the link with this post.
  • And finally tonight, a story of a blog held hostage. It seems the McCarty computer is shackled by the chains of a virus. They are praying for healing, but in the meantime, asked me to post to their blog for them. Now it seems that the login they gave me is not working!!! It's spiritual warfare!!!


Tack City said...

Your new student is awesome. Awe-some. You should have let him leg-wrestle.

Scott Jones said...

I was wondering about the McCarty absence!